Thursday, May 17, 2018

Images of Greatness 2018


During GOAL we have had many different projects over the years, and this is one of the larger ones. It is known as Images of Greatness and involves you picking a person who you thought was great, create a board and riddle about them, and present it to an audience. It's a lot more complicated than that, but that's basically what it is. It's a really fun, but also stressful project that helped me find out more about the person I did, Bill Gates. I chose Bill Gates because even though he has a lot of money and power, he still helps those in need and doesn't let greed get to him. He's an overall nice guy who cares about others and his family, and that's why he's my image of greatness.

The part of this project that I find makes me the proudest would be my board. I think that the things I put on it really show Bill Gates and his life. It shows the company logo of Microsoft, the company he helped to make; Bill getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom; The timeline of his life, and finally his wedding day. I feel like these really show what Bill Gates is like and what has happened throughout his life, and it makes me proud that I created a board about it.

The part of the unit that I thought was the most challenging would be the presentation. You have to stand up by yourself and tell everyone about your person. Once I got on stage I felt like I couldn't even remember what I was supposed to say, and I was shaking all over. Though I do a lot of plays, even that couldn't prepare me for Images of Greatness. I really liked doing the presentation though, and I loved going to the microphone at the end and say who I was.

I grew as a person from this unit because it helped with public speaking. When I do plays, I feel that if I make a mistake, it will be okay because that is only one little part of the play. Saying your riddle is basically the whole part of the night, and if you mess up, all the parents will know. They will go on Facebook and say things about you. But that's not the point. Going up on stage can help you talk to people, besides, mistakes are just happy accidents.

If I could improve my work, I wish that I went a little more in-depth on Bill Gates in my essay. Though I thought I did a good job, I don't think I put enough for someone to know all about Bill Gates. I would also want to include more facts and pictures about him on my board of other steps in his life.

The best part of the whole Images of Greatness celebration would have to be seeing other people's boards. I thought people made great looking boards that had a lot of neat facts on them. It was really cool to see what foods people brought for their person also.

Overall, I had a really fun time with this project. It helped me learn more about Bill Gates and what has happened for him to get to where he is today. I'm really going to miss Mrs. Edlin once I go to high school, but I would really love to see what will happen next year for Images of Greatness.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Images of Greatness field trip

With our new project for the year being Images of Greatness, the whole 8th grade GOAL class got to go on a field trip to Des Moines. I had a really fun time hanging out with friends and learning about many different things. One of my favorite parts of the trip would be the fire and ice demonstration that we watched. The person used dry ice and fire to show what exactly happens when they react to another substance. We got to see fire bubbles, dry ice combine with hot water, and our guide saying what I thought was the best line of the whole trip, "Hey! You matter!". It was really fun and I hope that the next year GOAL class gets to watch that as well.
When we first arrived in Des Moines we went to the Art museum. Some of the art was amazing while others were super weird. While I thought that the best piece of art was Landscape by Gerhard Richler, the piece of art that I thought was the best example of art would be Edward Hopper's Automat. There were also some recognizable artists including Pablo Picasso and Grant Wood. There was one piece though that I thought was the weirdest and most cryptic thing ever. It was a video called The Great White Way where a guy is dressed in a Superman costume and is rolling on a skateboard. I didn't like it, and I went away as soon as possible.
The most educational part of the trip for me would be the Dream Big IMAX movie. I thought that the types of things engineers do was amazing, and it was really cool to know what people had to go through before they became engineers. One thing that I learned from it would be the fact that engineers in order to create a large skyscraper without letting it be able to fall, the twisted the building so that strong winds wouldn't be able to knock it down. Another educational part of the trip that I liked was our tour through part of Drake University. A former GOAL student was our guide, and we learned why she went to Drake and some of the different places for classes and studying in Drake. The tour was good and our tour guide was very nice.
The part of the trip that I thought was the most fun would be the free time that we got in the hotel. After the art museum we got to play games and go into the pool until curfew at 11:00. I played a game with some of my friends call One Night Ultimate Werewolf. It was really fun to play, and I liked hanging out with them. The different characters you could play as had their own abilities and ways to win the game, which I thought added a lot more to how you could play to win the game. Then that morning, I played a different game with some of my other friends. Though I kept losing in that game, I was fine with it because it was really fun to play with my friends.
I think that this trip fits the theme Images of Greatness because we got to see how you could become great. We went to an Art Museum which can show what you can do with something you make. It can become famous, and it may be put in an art museum. We also went to a science center showing what kind of discoveries you can make from a crime scene and DNA samples, what kind of things engineers can do, and what can happen if you mix two different materials like fire and ice together. We even saw where you could go to create something which can make you an image of greatness. This trip made me see what kinds of things you can do to become great, and I think that it is a great way to show that.
Finally, if I had to change one thing on the trip it would probably be the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates. Though it's great that we are finding ways to get rid of hunger, I think that we should already know that we're doing it. Our tour guide mostly talked about the history of the World Food Prize Hall and not really about what strides it has done to help. It was boring and we barely got any hands on experience. Other than the Hall of Laureates though, the trip was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot. I had a fun time hanging out with my friends, and if I could I would do it again.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Independent Project Reflection

Every year in GOAL, we get to do a project known as an independent project. This means we get to research what ever we want to which we present once we're done. For my independent project I decided to do cake. I chose cake because I wanted to find out the early history of cake, what types of cakes exist, what can you hide in cake, and the overall favorite cake of our GOAL class. I presented by first going over the early history of cake, then went into types of cake, looked at the different types of things you can hide in cake, and ended with the favorite type of cake in my GOAL class and giving everyone in that class a cupcake that I made from scratch.

The thing I liked most about my project happens to also be the hardest part. My favorite part about my project was finding out what the favorite type of cake was in GOAL, and making the cupcakes. It was really fun to try something that I made, and what other people said was their favorite type of cake was really interesting. The reason this is also the hardest part though was because I didn't know if everyone had said what their favorite type was, they didn't answer with only one, or they said that all cakes are good. This made it harder and harder to figure out which cake was the favorite because they didn't just pick one, or they chose all. Making cake was also hard because it takes a really long time. The cupcakes that I made took almost 3 hours altogether, and that's not even counting cleaning up after I'm done.

Ever since I finished this project, the thing that I feel I should work on the most is the history. I couldn't find that much history for cake, and it makes me feel like I was just listing off cakes when I did that part of the presentation. It doesn't make me feel good when I think that, and that's why it's the part that I would want to fix. I don't want to just be listing off different cakes, I want to teach the class about why cakes were made, and not just what kinds of cakes were made in different areas of time.

Overall, this project was really fun to do and I felt like I learned a lot from it. It makes me happy to know that other people like what I make, but also like my project. I can't wait to do another independent project again, and I can't wait to see what other people think about it.

Monday, January 8, 2018

One Word

For GOAL, Mrs. Edlin told us to come up with a word for the year. This word would be our goal for the rest of 2018. My one word that I have for the year is truth. The reason I chose the word truth means many different things to me including wanting to know the truth about the people I love, the truth of who my real friends are, and the truth about who I am. I want to know these things mainly because I want to use them to become what I want to become, and because I want other people who I feel are my best friends to know the truth about my life and who I really am. The truth can help you grow into a better person and may be true, but at the same time, the truth can be full of lies. I know who I trust in my life, but other times I feel like people lie to me and pretend that it is the truth. I don't want that to happen to me, and that's one of the main reasons why I chose the word truth. I want to know the truth so I can become a better person, or to know the people I shouldn't hangout with mostly because I don't want them to put really negative thoughts into my head that I think are true. This is why I chose the word truth. It's because I want to know and be happy with who I am and who my friends are.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

To Kill A Mockingbird Movie vs Book

To Kill A Mockingbird was an amazing book that will hopefully live on as an occult classic for years to come, but I don't feel like the movie will get as much praise. Though the movie for me was a great adaptation of the book, I would say that the book was a lot better with more details, little things that matter in the end, and character development. I really liked Mrs. Dubose in the book, but in the movie, she gets one single scene and that's it. Things like that really disappointed me because I wanted to see scenes like that in the movie. I feel like if some of these scenes were in the movie, it would be a lot better, but they could only fit the movie into a certain time so they had to cut out minor parts to fit into the 2-hour time frame. Now thinking of that though, why couldn't they just split the two acts into two separate movies? Doing that could help put in the little details that could help the story a lot. I need to give credit where credit's due though, so I just have to say that when they put in some of the most iconic scenes in the movie, for me they didn't disappoint. Atticus' closing speech was one of my favorite parts of the movie, and the trial did not disappoint. It was cool to see Bob and Mayella Ewell and how they were incorporated into the movie, and Atticus was the best!

Overall, the movie was a good adaptation of the book, but without the minor scenes and some of the major scenes, it makes me feel sort of bad. They could've made one of the best movies of all time that they worked really hard on, or they could've split it up into two separate movies to put all the details in, but instead, it's a movie that most likely won't be remembered as much as the book.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Daily Writing Activity 1st Quarter

Oct. 19 2017

Because I absolutely a YouTube series called RWBY, that's what I'm writing about today. RWBY is my all time favorite YouTube series that I've seen. It's about a team of huntresses-in-training who want to become full time huntresses. It follows main characters Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xaio Long, and Blake Belladonna who fight the creatures known as Grimm. The creatures of Grimm are just like normal animals, but they're completely black and will feed on the fear of everything. Grimm are used in major attacks that are usually set up by Roman Torchwick and Cinder Fall who are the main villains for volumes 1-3. I love this series a lot and I would definitely what anyone who read this to watch it right now!

Oct. 20 2017

If I had to think of a book that was later made into a movie, I would think of The Shawshank Redemption. It was a book/movie about a man named Andy Dufresne who goes to Shawshank for a crime that he says he didn't commit. Inside the prison he meets a man who everyone calls red because he's Irish. Red helps out Andy from time to time, while at the same time the warden of Shawshank is torturing prisoners with punishments like months in solitary confinement and death. Overall, The Shawshank Redemption is a great book and an amazing movie that I think is one of the greatest movies of all time.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Words of Wisdom Project

This was a really fun project to do! I learned a lot of new and old advice. My favorite part of it was finding all the silly words of wisdom that people gave me. Some of it was really funny. Overall, I thought that this was a great project and it could be fun to do it once again.